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Transformation in Tune: An Old Piano to a Beautiful Masterpiece

Happy 2024 to our Studio 770 community!

Now that our piano series is coming to a close, take a look at these side-by-side pictures showing our legendary 1940 Steinway Grand piano before and after its transformation. Let us know in the comments down below if you're just as impressed as we are by the results!

Here we not only see what the pin block looked then versus now, but we also get a progress picture that visually reaffirms the unique upgrade our piano has undergone. On the far left, one can see how the old pin block is fairly dull looking and worn out. The progress photo in the middle shows the old superglue shavings that had to be drilled out prior to the pin block needing to receive an overnight soak in a solution, as it had fused to the metal frame. (Check out our Steinway Deconstructed post where we talked more about it). Finally, the photo on the far right shows the pin block now with its new chromed pins and hardware.

Continue scrolling to view the rest of the gallery and don't forget to let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this piano series.

Thank you for following our journey with the piano blog. Check out our latest instagram post for a fun piano series related collage game or read to the end to play along. Let us know if you can find all 12 keys hidden in the collage on your own! Spoiler Alert: Link to the answer key can be found at the end of this post.

As shiny as a polished penny, but worth a lot more!

A bright approach to an old idea.

Steinway logo now legible without your reading glasses.

Inner beauty shinning through!

This piece of jewelry might be too heavy to wear.

Renovation has never "felt" so good!


The key shown below is the original Steinway key that unlocks our 1940 grand piano and grants access to this beautiful instrument's endless potential. Originally thought to have been lost with time, the key was finally found during the refurbishment process and had been hiding inside the piano all along.

The following collage game was made to recap some of our Steinway's iconic photos and pay tribute to this one-of-a-kind key. Can you find all 12 keys hidden in the collage? Let us know in the comments how well you did! Link to the answer key can be found below.

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