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What our clients are saying...

"It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with Shantih Haast on several of my recordings. She has great ears and achieves a particularly beautiful piano sound. She is also an expert digital editor, astonishing me on many occasions with edits I didn't think were possible. Moreover, Shantih has a dedicated and flexible attitude and has proven herself to be a good friend in need. I recommend her highly!"

- JAC Redford
Feature Film Composer/Orchestrator

"I received excellent service, and learned a lot from the experts at Studio 770. My problems pretty much were because of my lack of experience recording and mixing, this caused some delays. I haven't really compared prices with other studios, but I know it's hard to find a studio with a grand piano. Trying every possible modification while mixing, and then getting the final perfect result. Troy was able to do everything I asked, no matter how unusual or difficult the request. Also the informal, family atmosphere is great. I would recommend starting with the open mic, it's a lot of fun."

- Carl Freedman

"I have much love and respect for Shantih. My positive memories are really based on the interaction I had with her - as a wonderful person, an excellent engineer and a talented professional musician/producer, etc. She always had a great attitude and made the recording aspect of the project very enjoyable while keeping everything professional."

- Paul Morehosue

"I have had several opportunities to record piano compositions at Studio 770. The studio is well equipped with complete recording and supporting electronic equipment. It has been a pleasure to work through my recordings with Shantih Haast. She is a very capable recording technician, efficient in her handling of the equipment and has very been patient with me as we worked to a completion of my recordings. If I have the opportunity, I will gladly recommend Studio 770 to other potential clients."

- Bill Daniels

"I recorded two songs at Studio 770 that I've used to make music videos and have included in my National Public Access television show, "The Children's Corner." The finished product was absolutely wonderful and professional that I don't think any other studio could have produced any better. I really enjoyed working with Shantih. She was a great engineer and not only listened to what I had to say but saw the same vision I had with the music, which contributed to how great it came out. I have already recommended Studio 770 to people and told them how great and professional the quality is."

- Stephen J. Hemenway

"I have recorded projects with Shantih and she is a wonderful engineer - knowledgeable, efficient, and an easy-going personality. Perfect for long hours in the studio!"

- Daniel Ho
4 time Grammy Award Winner

"To have a piano like the one in "770" makes the experience that much better. Sound of the room is quite good, and Shantih is a wonderful mixer! The relaxed vibe is also extremely important. Overall, a very positive experience!"

- Steven Erdody
Grammy Award Winner

"Our album was unique because it featured three incredible, yet diverse artists and needed a special kind of producer to successfully put it all together, that producer was Shantih Haast. She was amazing to work with and put all of us at ease, which allowed our musicianship to flourish during recording. She did a masterful job mixing all 12 songs. Now as we enjoy promoting and selling our CDs, people always ask me who our producer was, who mixed the songs and where it was mastered. My answer to them, Shantih Haast and Studio 770"

- Eric Baul

"The value at Studio 770 is always great. The extremely talented staff and engineering at 770 is some of the best in the region. I've known Shanith for a long time so my favorite part of my experience is the level of trust that I have for the engineering and studio. It's an extremely comfortable and productive environment. I recommend Studio 770 based on the stellar engineering, professionalism, the beautiful facility, the great Steinway and comfortable working environment. I'm happy to say that I've known Shantih and am a happy friend and customer going on 10 years."

- Greg Johnson

"Although a novice regarding recording studios, I believe that we received excellent service value. Shantih was always ready for us on time and all required equipment was set up and ready to go. Also, she has a beautiful piano for recording purposes. For a potential customer, I would simply say that Shantih and her crew are professional, competent and respectful of her customers, their time and their money. She made our experience a most enjoyable and rewarding one."

- Herb Milligan

"I have recommended other musicians. Mainly the location in Orange County and how wonderful to work with Shantih who is excellent at her skills to record and she makes you feel relaxed. Definitely a perfectionist."

- Joanie Jay

"I have only positive things to say about Studio 770 and Shantih Haast. We have recorded four times at Studio 770 over the last five years. The quality of Shantih's work is excellent. We find her to be very admirable and professional. I plan to record again at Studio 770. I highly recommend Shantih to anyone planning to record."

- William Berdine

"Shantih brings out the best possible sound and works hard at doing just that. During a session, she's always working quickly without wasting time. Studio 770 has some very good sounding equipment and Shantih's experience at matching a piece of equipment to an element in your mix is excellent. For the best possible sounding recordings, 770 is the place to do it."

- Andy Kubicki

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