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Bon Voyage Steinway!

The time is finally upon us, Studio 770 has been waiting in anticipation for our Steinway grand piano's departure on May 1st 2023. With the piano refurbishment now underway, lets take a moment to review the current state of our 83 year old Steinway grand and appreciate everything that is this phenomenal instrument.

Above we can see that the metal frame needs repainting, as the paint is pitted in a number of areas. Along with the gold foundation, all raised branding will be hand painted black. The oversized (#4) pins that were installed in 1976 on my purchase of the instrument have been slipping for some time and will be replaced with a new pin block with the original size (#2) pins.

Along with the pins and pin block replacement, will be an upgrade to Mapes custom strings, replacing the 47 year old standard string set. This will enhance the richness of the low end of the piano as well as stabilize the tuning.

The damper felts will be replaced, all A-graphs (the little brass pieces that hold the strings in place above the red string felt) will be replaced, the sound board will be refinished with the same color of lacquer, and all bolts and screws will be chromed.

The piano's AKG C414 EB vintage microphones will be removed before shipping. These microphones (both in omni polar patterns) are located in the sweet spot of this particular piano and capture the richness of its iconic tonal quality. Keep an eye out for future piano updates of the reconditioning process as it occurs. Our 1940 Steinway will return the first of June better than ever!


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