We have flexible rates, especially for longer bookings.
Our passion is to help local musicians make high quality recordings.
All rates include an amazingly talented engineer.
Our Standard Rate Sheets are downloadable


Produced in our industry standard multi-room recording studio, artists have the opportunity to track live with full visibility of all musicians and control room in Studio A.  This allows for full isolation with complete communication.


The process of blending, balancing, and fine tuning all the individual individually recorded tracks, creating the best possible version of each artist's work. Our engineers ensure the mix's quality by testing its playback through various outputs. 


One of the most important processes for unifying the sound of a record. This step works on all the tracks as a whole, creating a polished final product ready for distribution and radio play.


The writing, arranging and overall production of a project. This includes working with our sound engineers and producers, helping you bring your creations to life. 

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